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Alpha Martial Arts: Seattle's Best FAMILY KARATE PROGRAMS!


“Martial arts offer something for all ages. They help preschoolers develop social skills and improve their attention spans; they give grade-schoolers and teenagers a confidence boost while teaching self-control; and they leave parents with greater stamina, improved endurance, and a trimmer, toned body.” -Prevention Magazine-


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“My son, has only been attending classes for the last 3 weeks. My husband and I have noticed a big change in his attitude and behavior -- he's much more positive and willing to cooperate. He's very aware of "black belt courtesy" and talks about self-discipline. We have to attribute the change to you and your staff at Alpha Martial Arts. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!” -Erin B.-

AMA Bryant: 206-528-3737

AMA Capitol Hill: 206-322-1433

AMA Ballard: 206-519-6882

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